Krissy Francis Dux 2023

Krissy dreams big as a changemaker in children’s healthcare

Receiving the news of an ATAR score of 99.25, Academy’s 2023 Dux, Krissy Francis, has always had the future in mind.

“The future is the reason we come to school. It is the reason we learn. We come here so that we are supported in dreaming big and given the support and tools to reach those goals,” says Krissy.

“Learning about the injustices in the world since year 7 through the Academy Justice Group, made me want to help people and that’s what I want to do,” explains Krissy.

Krissy is already putting her dream into practice, working as a Casual Coach at the We Rock the Spectrum gym, a sensory gym where kids benefit from therapeutically designed play equipment and a place for children of all abilities, located in Preston.

“Since advocating for the Justice Group in the Academy, I realised that I want to help advocate for children and work in medicine, but especially with kids.” Krissy achieved a study score of 50 in Health Sciences in Year 11 and has achieved an outstanding ATAR result to help realise her dream.

The Academy, “The City School for Girls”, with a history of 166 years, is focused on empowering students to create their own journey.

Our principal, Sr Mary Moloney, believes students can discover what is important to them through programs like the Justice Program, “We believe learners who take responsibility for their own academic growth are better able to contribute to society and to the learning of others. The Academy’s Justice Group is one of the ways students like Krissy have an avenue to advocate for what matters most.

Krissy dreams of being one of those advocates, “The Academy is a place where we can all feel heard, respected and supported so that when we go beyond those gates we can become changemakers and shape our futures.”

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