Performing Arts

Performing Arts at the Academy provides students with a space where they can freely express themselves and develop self-confidence and creativity. The three key areas at our College are Music, Dance, and Drama. These programs are both part of what we offer, and Tutored Programs.


Our extensive instrumental and vocal offerings increasingly focus on the benefits musicality has on neurological development, particularly for your daughter’s language and mathematical skills. We encourage our students to see new horizons, and in doing so they understand different parts of the world through the cultural medium of music.

We have a number of music programs and initiatives, such as an ensemble of about 25 students playing brass, woodwind, string, and percussion, the Academy Choir, who perform at various College events and AMICCI, our chamber choir.


Drama at the Academy forms part of the core curricula and electives. Students who wish to pursue Drama can also participate in the College production.

The College production is an opportunity for students to sing, dance, and act in a musical. It also provides those who are interested in production itself with set design, stage management, costume design, and choreography skills.


Similarly, Dance at the Academy forms part of the core curricula and electives. Students passionate about dance can become part of the Dance Team.

The Dance Team is a small, auditioned team open to students from Year 7–12. The Dance Team gives students the opportunity to experience and explore different dance styles as choreographed by the Dance Captain. The Dance Team’s performance opportunities include the Performing Arts Night, College productions, and assemblies.