College Community

The Academy is made up of our staff, parents, and students, and there are many ways for all members of our community to play an active part in the College’s life. Use this page to find out the many ways you can contribute.


Our Alumnae have a diverse range of talents, careers, and life choices, making theirs a vital and inspiring story to tell our current students, who need look no further than their own community for role models. Here’s how you can register as an Alumnae and continue the Academy story.

  • Stay connected, register to receive our Alumnae inews and invites to special Alumnae events.
  • Continue your association with the Alumnae through the official Alumnae Facebook page.

Contact the Academy representative if you’d like to discuss other opportunities or to find out more information.

View 16.5 decades of voices from the Academy video

Parents Association

The Parents’ Association is where you, as parents, actively partner with us to support functions and activities at the Academy, such as in fundraising for programs that enhance the education of our students.

Members of the Association represent the parent voice by discussing matters of interest to the College community, with a social focus for parents and families.

College Advisory Council

The College Advisory Council provides support to the Principal and College leadership on the direction and vision of the College.

Members of the Council contribute their personal expertise and actively promote our Mercy ethos, representing the broader Academy community.