Music Program

Through deep engagement and analysis, our Music Program develops students’ technical and expressive abilities.

Our tutored Music Program, for talented and passionate students, builds on the broader College music curriculum. Students master the fundamentals – including pitch, rhythm, and notation – under the tutelage of professional musicians in either an individual or group setting.

As students refine their skills, they develop an understanding of musical composition through deep engagement and analysis, all the while continually developing their technical and expressive abilities. They can perform in a range of places, including competitions and private engagements. The Music Program is designed to equip students with not only core performance skills, but also an advanced knowledge of musical theory and of music from a variety of periods and genres. Students have the opportunity to learn string, woodwind, and brass instruments, as well as vocal coaching.

We also offer music electives within our curriculum, which provide pathways to VCE music units, qualification for the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB), and beyond.

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