College Achievements

The Academy community celebrates achievements across all areas of study.


The Academy of Mary Immaculate community congratulates the Class of 2019 on their excellent results.

  • DUX Allegra Micomonaco 97.2 – top 3% in the state
  • 9% of Academy students gained an ATAR over 95 – top 5% in the state
  • 17% of Academy students gained an ATAR greater than 90 – top 10% in the state
  • 45% of Academy students gained an ATAR greater than 80 – top 20% in the state
  • 20 scholarship/guaranteed entry offers were awarded to Academy students for academic achievement, all-round accomplishment, and in recognition of leadership and active commitment to the community.

Special Congratulations to our High Achievers

Dux:  Allegra  Micomonaco:  97.20
Jamie Cheeseman:  97.05
Shannen Stanzah:  96.65
Olivia Bula:  96.50
Eliza Wilson:  96.35
Tamsyn Buckle:  96.00
Jessica Cabral:  93.90
Christa Hubik:  93.25
Kiera McCormack:  93.00
Kaiying (Kylie) Cui:  91.95
Jenny Quach:  91.85
Ruby McKibbin:  91.80
Alessia Di Vita:  91.10

We also wish to congratulate, and support the privacy of, two other high achievers who have chosen not to have their results published.

Special congratulations to Eliza Wilson who achieved a study score of 49 for Legal Studies and Katja Curtin who achieved a study score of 49 for Psychology. Congratulations to Jessica Cabral – awarded the University of Melbourne Principal’s Scholarship (Bachelor of Arts)

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