College Achievements

The Academy community celebrates each of our students’ achievements across all areas of study.

2018 Student Achievements

In 2018 our proud tradition of high academic achievement continued. Significantly, it also demonstrated our talented and focused teaching faculties’ commitment to the best outcomes for all students.

CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 2018 on their outstanding results!

  • DUX Jennifer Krikis 98.40 – top 2% in the state
  • Congratulations to Stephanie Basdekis who achieved a study score of 50 for Visual Arts
  • 15% of Academy students gained an ATAR over 90 – top 10% in the state
  • 36% of Academy students gained an ATAR greater than 80 – top 20% in the state
  • 26 scholarships and guaranteed entry offers were awarded to Academy students for academic achievement, all round accomplishment, and in recognition of leadership and active commitment to community.

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