Our Address

88 Nicholson St, Fitzroy VIC 3065

T: +61 3 9412 7100

F: +61 3 9419 3885

E: enquiry@academy.vic.edu.au

Contact the Academy of Mary Immaculate between: 8:15 am and 4:30 pm on weekdays.
Alternatively, book a Talk & Tour to see the College for yourself and meet our key staff members.

As one of the closest Colleges to the Melbourne CBD, the Academy of Mary Immaculate is extremely accessible by public transport. A tram stop immediately outside the College includes a pedestrian crossing, which is manned by staff every morning before first bell and each afternoon at afternoon dismissal.

Public transport

Trams from the Academy service north, north-east and north-west suburbs. Other trams and buses service the eastern suburbs from the corner Victoria Parade and Spring Street. Students can also access all metropolitan train lines at Parliament Station.

For further information, go to College Information or visit Public Transport Victoria (PTV) website.

College Contacts

General Contacts
Principal's Office
Enrolments & Registrar

T: 61 3 9412 7154

E: registrar@academy.vic.edu.au

Parent Association
Student Absences

T: +61 3 9412 7111

Fee Enquiries/Payments
College Uniform

We are currently seeking positions of Leadership & Teaching and a College Archivist. Please go to the Employment page for further details.

Junior School
Yr 7 Wellbeing Leader

T: 61 3 9412 7100

E: alexandra.cowin@academy.vic.edu.au

Yr 8 Wellbeing Leader

T: 61 3 9412 7100

E: michael.molony@academy.vic.edu.au

Middle School
Yr 9 Wellbeing Leader

T: 61 3 9412 7100

E:  melanie.malakunas@academy.vic.edu.au

Yr 10 Wellbeing Leader
Senior School
Yr 11 Wellbeing Leader

T: 61 3 9412 7100

E: anna.dimattina@academy.vic.edu.au

Yr 12 Wellbeing Leader

T: 61 3 9412 7100

E: john.andritsos@academy.vic.edu.au

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