Year 9 Program Synergy

The Synergy Program challenges Year 9 students to bring together their knowledge from all subjects to produce robust research investigations and learning projects. Synergy develops the essential personal learnings of each student and gives them a forum to research an area of interest and exercise their problem-solving skills.

The key elements of Synergy are:

  • Skills workshops to develop creative, critical, and reflective thinking
  • Justice in action
  • Immersion activities
  • Meetings with professionals and experts.

In the last week of Synergy, students prepare for the final submission of their learning projects, which they then present to parents, teachers, and other staff. Past Synergy learning projects have included:

  • What has been the impact of sport and leisure on Melbourne?
  • How do Indigenous people express the trauma of the Stolen Generation through art, music, and stories?
  • How does Street Art tell Melbourne‚Äôs story?
  • How have ideas of Chinatown changed since the 19th Century?