The College celebrates and acknowledges students academic and co curricular achievements and involvement in College life in a range of printed and electronic publications and media. This form, when completed and signed, will authorise the College to take photographs, publish student names [where applicable] and achievements, for educational and promotional purposes. Photo/Media Release explained

I acknowledge that my daughter’s name and photograph will be published in the College’s Annual Year Book.
ACollege requirement. Official College: school photos, newsletters & annual magazine, website
College requirement.(Required)
I give permission for my daughter’s photograph/video and name to be published in Academy of Mary Immaculate publications and promotions:
BCollege publications: brochures / flyers / Academy social media / media ads
College publications(Required)
CMedia campaigns. I would like my daughter to be considered for College campaigns. Expression of interest Option only.
Media Campaigns(Required)


I authorise the Catholic Education Office Melbourne (CEOM) / Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd (CECV) to use the photograph/video in material available free of charge to schools and education departments around Australia for the CEOM/CECV’s promotional, marketing, media, and education purposes.

I give permission for a photograph/video of my child to be used by the CEOM/CECV in the agreed publications without acknowledgement, remuneration or compensation.

I understand that if I do not wish to consent to my child’s photograph/video appearing in any or all of the publications above, or if I wish to withdraw this authorisation and consent, it is my responsibility to notify the school.

Licensed under NEALS

The photograph may appear in material which will be available to schools and education departments around Australia under the National Educational Access Licence for Schools (NEALS), which is a licence between education departments of the various states and territories, allowing schools to use licensed material wholly and freely for educational purposes.

Parents Acknowledgement(Required)
Student Acknowledgement(Required)