Year 10 gain financial literacy qualification

All Year 10 students undertook training towards achieving their certificate I in financial literacy last week – a program made possible through our relationship with The Smith Family. This program began at Academy in 2017 to try to address the increasing demand from the workforce for financial literacy skills.

Studies by the Foundation of Young Australians identify financial literacy as one of the key enterprise skills needed by young people entering the workforce. This, coupled with studies that show that women often lack the financial aptitude of their male counterparts, encouraged us to make this a priority for our students.

As part of careers development we look forward to offering this program again in 2019 partnering with The Smith Family.

Amanda Siva, Careers Practitioner

Amanda is currently a Board member of the Career Practitioners Advisory Board, Deakin University
Data Source: Foundation for Young Australians ‘New Work Order’ Report.