Stem Mad

Social Conscience Creativity

Year 7 students at Academy recently competed in the STEM MAD competition, during Term 3. Our students solved a real-world problem using science and presented their solution to judges using a 90-second video.

Using 3D modelling software, Year 7S students Cara and India showed how a ‘sharps cutter’ prototype could cut the metal needle from a syringe so that the plastic barrel could be disposed of in a normal recycling bin, while the metal needle could be disposed of in a sharps container.

Safety & environmental challenges were meet as people who use needles could safely dispose of both parts of a needle, while allowing the two parts to be recycled effectively.

A Year 7R team focused on health. Evie, Olivia and Alice envisioned a purification device for dirty water to pass through a layer of rocks, then a layer of sand removing particle matter and, finally, a layer of charcoal so bacteria were trapped. Device and design thinking like this is critical to regions of the world without access to piped and cleaned water.

Our students not only participated in the STEM MAD competition remotely, but also obtained experiment materials despite COVID-19 restrictions. These students are commended by our College community for their ingenuity and taking on this challenge in addition to the ongoing challenges of completing Year 7 remotely.

The competition video has been submitted and will be judged late October