Primary School STEAM Activities

Recently the Academy Year 10 Mathematics Committee hosted a morning of STEAM activities for senior students from Sacred Heart Primary School Fitzroy and St Joseph’s Primary School Collingwood.

Academy girls engaged their guest students on two challenges. Firstly each group had to design and construct a tool to project a ping pong ball at a target using only wooden ice-cream sticks, a plastic spoon and elastic bands. The sling shot and catapult designs were very impressive and mostly effective.
The second challenge provided students with a plastic cup, motor, batteries and markers to build an Artbot that automatically drew attractive patterns and was uniquely decorated. The students needed to work through the challenge of attaching all the pieces, connecting the motor and adjusting the balance so appropriate motion was achieved.

The designs and patterns were amazing. It was great to see all the students in this vertical learning environment working together to achieve the goal, overcome problems and setbacks and become proud of their product. Well done to the visiting Grade 5 and 6 students and our Academy Year 10 students mentors.

Year 7 Coding Club

This semester the Year 7 Coding Club expanded their activities. Initially the girls were using Scratch for the basis of their coding but in the last few weeks they explored Stop Motion Animation, Lightbox, Cardboard Virtual Reality and makerspace Wobblebot design with great results. Congratulations to the Coding Club for their innovative and consistent work.

Year 7 e-portfolios

Also this semester each Year 7 student developed their own e-portfolio – a webpage where students can display evidence of their learning. Students posted their learning and social goals, certificates of achievements, personal traits or Brand Me evidence from Positive Education and examples of their best work in each of their subjects. The webpages not only look visually fabulous but the girls are learning to developing appealing and relevant content. A great achievement and we encourage families to view their daughter’s work.