Pre Exam 2018 University Scholarships awarded


In the two weeks running up to our senior exams no less than 20 Academy girls have been offered scholarships to Australian Universities and leading Institutions. Of particular note Grace Pucci has been awarded the exclusive Bond University, Queensland, Excellence Scholarship. Academy is not one of Bond’s collegiate partners, so this is a real coup for both Grace and the College.

“The Collegiate Excellence Scholarship is testament to Bond University’s commitment to fostering future leaders. The scholarship is designed to reward those students who perform not only on an academic level, but also demonstrate exceptional personal talent, and contribute significantly to their communities.”

This incredibly competitive and highly sought scholarship, will cover 50% of Grace’s Law & Business (double degree) tuition fees.

Other students were awarded places in Bachelor of Hotel Management, early entry and guaranteed place in a Bachelor of Criminal Justice (pathway to the Police Force), and three students have been awarded early entry into their chosen courses at ACU University based on their leadership, community involvement and volunteering.

At La Trobe University 14 of our students gained entry into the  ‘Aspire Program’ studying areas as diverse as; Education, Law/International Relations/Criminology/Psychology, Applied Science, Biomedicine and Psychology.

These results are not by chance or good luck.

“Starting in Year 9, the careers department works with students to develop a career profile – their interests, skillsets and professional aspirations – that will enable them to engage in the research, selection and decision making processes, building capacity as they move through their senior years. By the time they have reached ‘scholarship application time’ students are confident and well prepared to apply for any available offerings.” Amanda Siva, Careers Practitioner.

We are delighted and proud of the commitment, confidence and resilience the girls have shown.