Paving the way for STEM equality

Six Academy girls recently participated in a work experience program that encourages young women to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). This was such a great opportunity for our girls, especially as they came from one of only two schools offered places in the program.

As part of the program, which targets female students specifically, participants had to respond to a brief regarding the redevelopment of a ‘real’ site in Docklands. They broke up into different roles, including: project manager, geotechnical engineer, urban design and planning, structural engineer, environmental engineer, and architect.

Throughout the week the students worked with a ‘buddy’ who was qualified in the role they were undertaking. This person guided them through their tasks and helped them problem solve various issues they encountered. The students went on site visits to Docklands and met with a range of relevant industry partners, including Lend Lease.

At first, I wasn’t aware of all the STEM jobs out there. Now that I have been exposed to STEM, I would take a career in this pathway.’ — Year 10 student

At the end of the week, the students gave a presentation about their role, what they had to do in terms of planning and problem solving, and outlined what they had learnt. They also developed a lot of transferrable enterprise skills, including: presentation, public speaking, and time management.


Menay Zhong with Professor Suzanne Cory

2018 Doherty Institute Research Day

During work experience week, student Menay Zhong, attended a talk by Professor Suzanne Cory at the 2018 Doherty Institute Research Day.  Professor Cory was the keynote speaker and has the distinction of being the first-elected female president of the Australian Academy of Science; and having a high school named in her honour.

Academy Alumnae, Anna-Maria Arabia, is currently the Chief Executive of the Australian Academy of Science.