Mercy at its Best – Yr 7 Trivia Night

Academy’s Year 7 students were recently involved in the Mercy Project unit. This exciting new project has never been done before at Year 7, and so we were all eager to see how the project would pan out. The Mercy Project is a cross-curricular program that brings together life skills, academic and work disciplines to achieve a common goal.

Each Year 7 student has chosen a team where they feel able to contribute according to their strengths—whether it be creativity, public speaking, technology, fundraising or organisation. Students worked collaboratively over the last  six weeks within their teams and with other teams to achieve their ultimate goal: to throw an almighty Trivia Event with the important goal of raising awareness about homelessness and domestic violence in our community!

The project was included into the Year 7 curriculum for four key purposes:

  1. Belonging: build relationships and a sense of purpose for each student, making new friendships and strengthen existing ones.
  2. Collaborative engagement: identify and develop the essential skills of team project work, creative thinking, collaboration, problem solving, networking, research and analytical thinking, communication, organisation and time management—skills needed to be successful contributors to the community, both locally and globally.
  3. Responsibility and accountability: realising the power and potential of community action by taking personal and collective responsibility. Committing to action builds confidence and enhances self-esteem.
  4. Social justice: developing qualities of empathy, justice and kindness for those in need. To be able to identify and action the values of Mercy that underpin what it means to be an Academy girl: compassion, service, respect, hospitality, courage and justice.

After much planning, the event was a huge success, with over $6000 worth of donations, sponsorship and fundraising. On Thursday 12  September, all of the teams hosted a fantastic school event that brought more than 300 families, friends and guests of our community together to have fun, to celebrate and, most importantly, to raise vital funds for a McAuley Community Services for Women.

A big congratulations and thanks to everyone who contributed, supported and made the event possible. But the night belonged to the Year 7s – it would not have been such a success if it were not for their hard work. It was wonderful to see such enthusiasm, creativity and leadership from our young women.

It was truly Mercy at its best!