‘Make Your School Slavery Free’: Launch

Academy recently welcomed students from Aquinas College and St Pius X Primary School, Catholic Education and Archdiocese Melbourne, ACRATH and Fairtrade Australia and NZ for the launch of ‘Make your school slavery-free’ resource kit.

The day began in Academy’s Ursula Frayne Chapel where Archbishop Peter A Comensoli led the liturgy. Later, gathering in the College’s library, Sr Louise Cleary CSB gave a stirring speech about the human impact of global trade.

‘People are being sold and traded, not just the coffee beans or the cocoa beans or the tea leaves. Seventy percent of cocoa comes from the Ivory Coast and largely comes from the enslaved trafficked labour of children who are sold in markets in West Africa. We really need to take action,’ she said.

Archbishop Comensoli then formally launched the resource kit which will help schools transition to a slavery-free environment. It encourages the school community to become more informed consumers, by examining where products come from and how those products arrive here.

Academy has sourced and used Fair Trade products – including tea, coffee and cups – for some time now, and with the ‘Make your school slavery-free’ resource kit now available, we look forward to our community making positive changes on a personal level.