Congratulations VCE Class of 2018

CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 2018 on their outstanding results!

  • DUX Jennifer Krikis 98.40 – top 2% in the state
  • 15% of Academy students gained an ATAR over 90 – top 10% in the state
  • 36% of Academy students gained an ATAR greater than 80 – top 20% in the state
  • 26 scholarships and guaranteed entry offers were awarded to Academy students for academic achievement, all round accomplishment, and in recognition of leadership and active commitment to community.



Special Congratulations to our High Achievers
College Dux, Jennifer Krikis – ATAR score of 98.40

Sharon Guan 98.15 Tania Tuyau 96.00
Karina Finlayson 96.00 Stephanie Basdekis 95.80
Siena Vanzella 94.90 Tiffany Dang 94.15
Sophie Ryan 93.40 Madeleine Mutter 92.85
Anne Truong 92.70 Alexandra Bitsikas 90.85
Sofia Perri 91.80 Jayde Razlog 90.55
Eliza Hine 90.55


Congratulations to Stephanie Basdekis who achieved a study score of 50 for Visual Arts.

Affirmimg Our Commitment to Learning

” The Academy of Mary Immaculate pursues a culture of achievement and innovation. We believe learners who take responsibility for their own academic growth are better able to contribute to society and to the learning of others. Our College respects the inherent dignity of each person and our teaching reflects this. Our learning philosophy supports students to explore their gifts, experience success and commit to their own learning journey. Our VCE class of 2018 should be extremely proud of their achievements across both academic and co-curricular fields.

We wish them all the best with their post-secondary school pathway, and look forward to following their continued successes as Alumnae

Sr Mary Moloney, Principal 2018