ChooseMATHS: An AMSI Schools Project

“The Maths excursion was very reassuring. It informed me about the importance of maths and how it opens up more opportunities … I was shocked to find out that there were so many jobs that weren’t invented yet, which we could be studying to fulfil a career path.”  Tracy Le

CHOOSEMATHS is a five-year program designed to empower students to pursue mathematics. The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) is working with La Trobe University until 2019 to support mathematics education, improve student engagement and increase participation in high-level mathematics.

Students from Academy were invited to be involved in the La Trobe University CHOOSEMATHS day on 4 June. Students who participated have all shown a strong ability in mathematics so it was a fantastic opportunity for the girls in Year 9 to hear from university and industry speakers, work on individual and group activities, and learn why studying maths is important for Australia’s future.

The day began with keynote speakers who talked about how they turned their love of mathematics into their career. The girls were able to ask questions and were inspired by the journeys taken by the women presenting to them. This followed a number of activities which included creating 2D, 3D and 4D shapes, learning about how predictive analytics are used to deliver data in real time, exploring modern mathematical ideas and how they can be found in our environment, and playing with mathematical conundrums.

The day’s outcome has encouraged our girls to consider the possibilities of pursuing higher level mathematics in Year 10, 11 and 12 – and the careers beyond.