Investiture Mass 2022

Today, 7 February, began with our whole school College Mass – a very significant event in the College calendar.  In addition to Mass we also welcomed back and congratulated our 2021 VCE High Achievers and acknowledged our Senior Student Leadership Team.  The Year 7 Little Sisters of our Leaders had a significant role in the Investiture ceremony through their participation in the blazer ritual.  We are very proud of our 2022 Senior Student Leadership Team and we look forward to the leadership they will offer the College this year.


“My Art Class”

Year 9 Digital Art and Photography classes have recently viewed two exhibitions at the National Gallery of Victoria – Australia. Both shows exhibit works by Australian contemporary women photographers, Polixeni Papapetrou and Petrina Hicks. Students are investigating how these artists have represented women and children in historical and contemporary contexts.

Stunning and Impactful


‘SHELTY’ a STEM project

On the 22nd of October, Emily, Alannah and Greta, from 8 Blue, will be representing the Academy of Mary Immaculate at the national finals of the Go IT Challenge, having been chosen as one of the most innovative projects submitted to the competition in 2019.

Their idea, “Shelty”, is about using technology to help people in our community, who find themselves homeless, connect with support services nearby (in the form of shelter, food, clothing or other services). The main idea is to harness public advertising spaces, billboards and online advertising to spread the word and raise awareness of our homelessness situation in Melbourne and how you can help, or be helped.

The girls were delighted to be accepted into the finals and met with former finalists and runners-up from 2018 Amy, Brielle and Lucy from Year 9 who were able to share their insights in what to do and expect over the next month or so.


GoIT 2019 girls, Emily, Alannah and Greta with teacher Ms Kate Jones and last years finalist, Amy, Brielle and Lucy.


Mercy at its Best – Yr 7 Trivia Night

Academy’s Year 7 students were recently involved in the Mercy Project unit. This exciting new project has never been done before at Year 7, and so we were all eager to see how the project would pan out. The Mercy Project is a cross-curricular program that brings together life skills, academic and work disciplines to achieve a common goal.

Each Year 7 student has chosen a team where they feel able to contribute according to their strengths—whether it be creativity, public speaking, technology, fundraising or organisation. Students worked collaboratively over the last  six weeks within their teams and with other teams to achieve their ultimate goal: to throw an almighty Trivia Event with the important goal of raising awareness about homelessness and domestic violence in our community!

The project was included into the Year 7 curriculum for four key purposes:

  1. Belonging: build relationships and a sense of purpose for each student, making new friendships and strengthen existing ones.
  2. Collaborative engagement: identify and develop the essential skills of team project work, creative thinking, collaboration, problem solving, networking, research and analytical thinking, communication, organisation and time management—skills needed to be successful contributors to the community, both locally and globally.
  3. Responsibility and accountability: realising the power and potential of community action by taking personal and collective responsibility. Committing to action builds confidence and enhances self-esteem.
  4. Social justice: developing qualities of empathy, justice and kindness for those in need. To be able to identify and action the values of Mercy that underpin what it means to be an Academy girl: compassion, service, respect, hospitality, courage and justice.

After much planning, the event was a huge success, with over $6000 worth of donations, sponsorship and fundraising. On Thursday 12  September, all of the teams hosted a fantastic school event that brought more than 300 families, friends and guests of our community together to have fun, to celebrate and, most importantly, to raise vital funds for a McAuley Community Services for Women.

A big congratulations and thanks to everyone who contributed, supported and made the event possible. But the night belonged to the Year 7s – it would not have been such a success if it were not for their hard work. It was wonderful to see such enthusiasm, creativity and leadership from our young women.

It was truly Mercy at its best!

STEAM: At the frontier of tomorrow’s medicine

Four Unit 1 Biology students, one parent, and two staff attended Stem Cells Australia’s At the frontier of tomorrow’s medicine forum, which was held at the Village Roadshow Theatrette, State Library of Victoria Conference Centre on 19 March.

Forum Chair, Professor Trevor Kilpatrick, introduced the panel of researchers, who included esteemed professors from Australian universities and research institutions, and moderated the question and answer session.

Our Academy attendees learned about the role of stem cells and stem cell research in determining the causes of disease, developing diagnostic tools, and testing potential treatments, such as congenital heart disease.

Prior to the forum, our students explored a Stem Cell Photography Exhibition and met junior research ambassadors from the Stem Cells Australia initiative. Our students talked with the research ambassadors about their experiences as researchers and journeys into a career in Science, particularly what it means to undertake a PhD.

Our Biology students will be investigating how stem cells are different to all of the other cells in our bodies. They will also take up Associate Professor Enzo Porrello’s invitation to visit a lab at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.

Find out more about Stem Cell research in Australia.

L>R Professor Stephanie Watson, Associate Professor Enzo Porrello, Annabelle Aiton, Professor Christine Wells, Tarryn McInerney, Professor Ernst Wolvetang, Mia Oldfield, Associate Professor Megan Munsie, Helena Broders.
Research ambassadors shared their experiences as researchers, their career in science and undertaking a PhD.
Associate Professor Megan Munsie
Professor Ernst Wolvetang addressing the audience.

Welcome to Nishiyama High School, Japan

This week we have welcomed 18 students and 3 teachers from our sister school in Kyoto, Nishiyama High School. The students are being hosted by families during their 2 week stay. For some Academy girls, they are now able to reciprocate the warm welcome and hospitality they received whilst visiting Nishiyama last September. While for others, this experience promises to be the start of an enduring friendship with Nishiyama High School and its students. Positive cultural exchange is an important part of the language experience at the Academy.


Congratulations VCE Class of 2018

CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 2018 on their outstanding results!

  • DUX Jennifer Krikis 98.40 – top 2% in the state
  • 15% of Academy students gained an ATAR over 90 – top 10% in the state
  • 36% of Academy students gained an ATAR greater than 80 – top 20% in the state
  • 26 scholarships and guaranteed entry offers were awarded to Academy students for academic achievement, all round accomplishment, and in recognition of leadership and active commitment to community.



Special Congratulations to our High Achievers
College Dux, Jennifer Krikis – ATAR score of 98.40

Sharon Guan 98.15 Tania Tuyau 96.00
Karina Finlayson 96.00 Stephanie Basdekis 95.80
Siena Vanzella 94.90 Tiffany Dang 94.15
Sophie Ryan 93.40 Madeleine Mutter 92.85
Anne Truong 92.70 Alexandra Bitsikas 90.85
Sofia Perri 91.80 Jayde Razlog 90.55
Eliza Hine 90.55


Congratulations to Stephanie Basdekis who achieved a study score of 50 for Visual Arts.

Affirmimg Our Commitment to Learning

” The Academy of Mary Immaculate pursues a culture of achievement and innovation. We believe learners who take responsibility for their own academic growth are better able to contribute to society and to the learning of others. Our College respects the inherent dignity of each person and our teaching reflects this. Our learning philosophy supports students to explore their gifts, experience success and commit to their own learning journey. Our VCE class of 2018 should be extremely proud of their achievements across both academic and co-curricular fields.

We wish them all the best with their post-secondary school pathway, and look forward to following their continued successes as Alumnae

Sr Mary Moloney, Principal 2018

Mercy Day 2018

Mercy Day 2018 was a day of celebration for students and staff of the Academy.  A beautiful Mass was celebrated by our Chaplain, Fr Peter Varengo at St Patrick’s Cathedral. Then followed a much anticipated barbecue lunch, supported by the parents association, before the grand finale of the day – the Academy House Concert.  Members of Sherlock, Goold, McAuley and Frayne Houses performed with great talent, fun and enthusiasm to a captivated audience.


Year 10 gain financial literacy qualification

All Year 10 students undertook training towards achieving their certificate I in financial literacy last week – a program made possible through our relationship with The Smith Family. This program began at Academy in 2017 to try to address the increasing demand from the workforce for financial literacy skills.

Studies by the Foundation of Young Australians identify financial literacy as one of the key enterprise skills needed by young people entering the workforce. This, coupled with studies that show that women often lack the financial aptitude of their male counterparts, encouraged us to make this a priority for our students.

As part of careers development we look forward to offering this program again in 2019 partnering with The Smith Family.

Amanda Siva, Careers Practitioner

Amanda is currently a Board member of the Career Practitioners Advisory Board, Deakin University
Data Source: Foundation for Young Australians ‘New Work Order’ Report.

Academy students attend exclusive oration: the city school CIVICS

Two Year 11 Academy students were recently chosen among other secondary school students to attend the Deakin Oration at Victoria’s parliament, which was for the first time open to students who are passionate about politics.

Isabella and Grace listened to an address by Dr Tilman Ruff AM – the first Australian Nobel Peace Prize winner – whose research into the effects of nuclear weaponry on world health has led to the establishment of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN).

Dr Ruff spoke about the current climate and the political issues surrounding denuclearisation. In particular, he spoke about how the harmful fallout from a nuclear weapon would disrupt the global climate and agricultural production so severely that more than a billion people would be at risk of famine.

After the address, our students could ask questions and engage in a debate relating to nuclear proliferation. This was a truly unique experience, and while some of the information shared was confronting, it was an honour to be invited.