VCE Results Class of 22

Sr Mary Moloney & DUX Georgia Wood
Students shared their results on VCE day

The Academy of Mary Immaculate community congratulates the Class of 2022 on their outstanding results.

“From our small historic site, we continue to expand academic and co-curricular offerings through local partnerships and immersive educational activities. This is the essence of being Melbourne city’s school for girls,”

These results are a reflection of the hard work and commitment to study from our senior students, the expertise of our teachers – and the invaluable support from families.

DUX Georgia Wood  97.35 – top 3%in the state
17% Atar over 90
49% Atar over 80
College Median 32
35 Scholarship/Guarantee Entry Offers awarded to Academy students in 2023

Special Congratulations to our High Achievers

DUX Georgia Wood  97.35
Perfect Score 50  Kristabelle Francis, Yr 11 student

Lucia Johnson

Emily Sroka

Jessica Cao

Julia Nepomuceno

Sophia Da Silva

Ruby Lomas-Mee

Rose Abela








Madeleine McKibbin

Mia Komarnycki

Emma Meddis

Amy Cieciura

Jasmine Chiacchia

Holly Gibney

Alana Capuana











The Academy of Mary Immaculate pursues a culture of achievement and innovation. We believe learners who take responsibility for their own academic growth are better able to contribute to society and to the learning of others.

Our College respects the inherent dignity of each person and our teaching reflects this. Our learning philosophy supports students to explore their gifts, experience success and commit to their own learning journey.


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Celebration of Excellence 2022

Congratulations to all our students on their achievements this year, both within the College and beyond.  We would like to acknowledge the Year Level Dux for 2022, Sports Woman of the Year, and Musician of the Year.





 Tune into: 99.9 Live FM
5pm Thurs 3 Nov
or 1pm Sun 6 Nov

A group of Academy students recently co-hosted a series of radio interviews for the Be Like Her LIVE project.

Be Like Her LIVE is a global radio project in which secondary students host radio interviews with women who have excelled across industries, the community, and in life.

This innovative and student-driven radio content, which was produced after media training workshops, will raise awareness in our community about gender equity, respect for women, and female empowerment.

The pre-recorded interviews will be broadcast this coming week – 3 & 6 November by 99.9 Live FM — through both its FM radio and online platforms — to our neighbourhood and across the world. To find out more about the program, read the Be Like Her LIVE concept paper.

Be sure to tune in.

Science Week

The theme for National Science week this year was “Destination Moon”.  The science building was transformed into a three story exhibit of the solar system and moon landing that would make the Melbourne Museum proud.  The week was buzzing with visiting Scientists, special guests, curious students, and guided experiments from our passionate science staff.

“Monday kicked off Science Week – and after witnessing the bottle rocket’s practice runs being a little too successful (rockets flew way too high!) – we transferred into the chemistry lab to watch some entertaining and mesmerising experiments, including Gummy Bears melt down and the amazing properties of sodium. Lily

Tuesday  “have you got what it takes to be an astronaut? Students participated in an interactive session of mental and physical challenges that are actually used by NASA to select astronauts. Activities included memorizing random numbers and repeating them in increasing order (memory processing in space is crucial as physically recording information may not be possible) and putting together a jigsaw puzzle while wearing thick gloves (repairing satellites, handling small objects – spanners and screw drivers – in space requires wearing gloves).

On Wednesday, The egg drop.  The aim was to drop an egg from the second level of the external stairs (Whyte Building) without breaking it. The most successful groups launch was a ’parachute’ that helped their eggs float safely to the ground.

Two scientists from the Florey Institute (of NeuroScience and Mental Health) located in the University of Melbourne precinct, visited Academy and spoke to a VCE Biology class about their individual career paths that led them to Scientific research at the Florey. The depth and veracity of their scientific research around NeuroScience to better understand and aid mental health, was awe-inspiring for both students and teachers.

Congratulations to all the students who embraced the Science week activities and discoveries. Special acknowledgement to our amazing Science Week Team: Science staff, students; Lily (reporter) and Ivan (photographer) and our brilliant Ms Jessica Dowton.

Women in Physics Breakfast


an inspiring experience that sparked my curiosity of our world, and reaffirmed the need for even more amazing women in science

The Women in Physics Breakfast was an engaging and empowering seminar. In the beginning of the breakfast, we had to put our thinking caps on to make the tallest tower out of pipe cleaners, which was a lot of fun and a good bonding experience for my table and I. Shortly after, I got the chance to speak to a PhD student studying civil engineering and a student completing a bachelor of space science. They told (our) table the amazing experiences they have had and the interesting and super cool experiments they have done while studying in the physics area–such as making a rocket. In addition, speaker, Dr Katarina Miljkovic, a planetary scientist, taught us all about impact craters and how they have shaped the Earth and our history. Overall it was an inspiring experience that sparked my curiosity of our world, and reaffirmed the need for even more amazing women in science.

Simone Jacklin, 11 Red

Investiture Mass 2022

Today, 7 February, began with our whole school College Mass – a very significant event in the College calendar.  In addition to Mass we also welcomed back and congratulated our 2021 VCE High Achievers and acknowledged our Senior Student Leadership Team.  The Year 7 Little Sisters of our Leaders had a significant role in the Investiture ceremony through their participation in the blazer ritual.  We are very proud of our 2022 Senior Student Leadership Team and we look forward to the leadership they will offer the College this year.