Employment Opportunities

The Academy of Mary Immaculate adheres to the Statement of Principles regarding Catholic Education as set out by the Catholic Education Office.


All staff in the Catholic school have an indispensable role to play. It is expected of all employed in a Catholic school that they:

    • Accept the Catholic educational philosophy of the school;
    • Develop and maintain an adequate understanding of those aspects of Catholic teaching that touch upon their subject areas and other aspects of their work;
    • By their teaching and other work and by personal example, strive to help students to understand, accept and appreciate Catholic teaching and values;
    • Avoid, whether by word, action or public lifestyle, influence upon students that is contrary to the teaching and values of the Church community in whose name they act;
    • Comply with the accreditation policy of the CECV to teach in a Catholic school and other CECV policies;
    • Be committed to regular ongoing professional development;
    • Be qualified as required by state authorities.  


Current employment opportunities

There are currently no employment opportunities available



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